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Consumer-enabled Idea Creation

Empower your (future) consumers to participate in the development of tomorrow's product in a comprehensive and detailed manner.

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Why Co-Creation ?

With co-creation, the consumer essentially takes ownership of the products he creates together with you.

This new trend makes it possible to build loyalty and brand ambassadorship in a lasting way, favouring the increase of purchase intent and actual consumption.

Meet fast-changing Desires and Tastes

Today, consumers have practices and lifestyles that change very quickly, providing manufacturers with tremendous challenges to keep up to date. Brands must therefore learn to rely on digital technology to stay in touch with today's and tomorrow's consumers, where and how they want it.

Build Awareness, Trust & Loyalty

Vertical communication and mass advertising no longer works in a relevant manner. Instead, by involving your consumers at the early stages of product development, you can engage them in a better, more holistic manner.

How it works

You can choose from two types of co-creation experiences, enabling you to collaborate with target consumers in different ways:

Express Vote

A questionnaire with a few key questions to get the consumers' opinion on proposed generic characteristics of a new product.

Product Concept Verification

Get the consumers' opinion on the detailed concept and key aspects of the product, such as ingredients, amount of sugar, nutrition facts etc.

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