Launch better Products

Understanding why many new food products fail, we’ve developed a data-driven approach to test and develop only the most relevant aspects for success

How we do it

We help you select, reach and engage your target customers along the product journey to turn your ideas into successful market entries.

Spot new Opportunities

  • Find, reach & engage your Niche
  • Collect data & co-create Product Ideas

Test your Product

  • Quick and User-focused Test cycles
  • Gain actionable and data-driven Insights

Engage your Customers

  • Convert Testers & re-engage them
  • Authentic Brand Ambassadorship

How it works

Testing is essential. Enhance your product journey by reaching out to relevant customers and get actionable insights about your market niche.

1. Setup a Product Test

2. Receive Custom Quote

3. Verify Parameters

4. Ship Product Samples

5. Review Test Results

Engage your community towards better Products

Let's get started!