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Brightbites is an ecosystem that connects food manufacturers with workspaces, communities, consumers and development resources they need to launch successful food products.

An ecosystem to Collaborate and help you be more Agile during the entire Product life Cycle

Select from a range of curated services and partners that help you co-create, conceptualise, test, manufacture, launch and distribute your products better.

Ask the right questions, target the right people

Use our niche communities to receive real life insights, photos and videos about a product or an innovative concept. Combine design thinking approaches with data to iterate and improve quickly.

Track it all in One Place

Access all documents, results and relevant data on your company dashboard and track progress frictionless throughout the various product stages.

All in one place, no matter how many different parties you work with.

Access a broad community of engaged testers, foodies and influencers

Focus on user-centered development and community-backed product launches

The 6 Stages of Product Launch

Get access to the right partners, consumers and tools to turn your product launch into a success.

1. Co-Creation

Co-create a new product with your target consumers and involve the core audience from the beginning

2. Final Concept

Refine your product using key data and existing knowledge through innovation labs and experts

3. Testing

Get quick & actionable feedback on a specific product version from your target consumers

4. Manufacturing

Use optimal production solutions and access the best technology and facilities with ease

5. Product Launch

Spread the word using relevant channels and turn your early consumers into brand ambassadors

6. Mass Distribution

Get your product in the hands of consumers and develop the right distribution partnership

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